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  • Application begins for B2G Membership Program 2018


    K-ICT Born2Global Centre (B2G) receives applications from Korean innovative technology companies that wishes to enter or expand their business in the global market.


    “B2G Membership Program” is the one stop platform that provides opportunities for business development and investment attraction through services such as consulting, demo day, road show and etc. Carefully selected promising innovative technology companies will receive listed services being a member of the program.


    This year B2G will select up to 100+ innovative technology companies. The application deadline is March 11, 2018. All completed applications must be submitted to


    Through B2G’s internal experts, newly accepted members can receive professional consulting in various areas: legal, patent, accounting and marketing. Above mentioned are some of the main issues that companies face when starting or expanding its business in the global market. This first round of consulting is followed by a second round led by experts who are channel partners with B2G.


    This year, PMF (Product-Market-Fit) program is prepared for the ICT companies. The program consists of strategies focused on managing local market which in effect, can increase the chance for businesses to be successful in the global market. Also, there will be opportunities for the members to be connected with prospective customers in the target market, provide aid in the area of local insight development, which includes market validation.


    Based on the B2G’s global channel partner, B2G strengthens the capacity of member companies through hands-on training, seminars, meet-ups and conferences with experts invited from foreign countries in effect inducing the exchange of market information. Through demand-linked partnership programs (investor matching, customized business meetings, etc.) with global companies, investors, accelerators and other important local channels, B2G supports member companies in their efforts to establish references and increase revenue.


    From September 2013 to December 2017, 8073 consulting services have been provided for the companies through “B2G Membership Program”.


    B2G has significantly contributed in building a strong foundation for successful investment opportunities for companies. B2G has linked investment of over USD 237 million.


    For more detailed information on the B2G Membership Program 2018,

    please contact 031-5171-5638.


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