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  • Meet the SMARTGOLF Putter an all-in-one solution to get help with your score and have more fun on the golf course!



    Meet the SMARTGOLF Putter (B2G '17) an all-in-one solution to get help with your score and have more fun on the golf course! 

    For the creation of perfect horizontal movement and a stable swing, the built-in LED level indicators on the head of the equipment light up instantly according to the level of the putter. 

    For more details on Smart Putter watch B2G Tech News.

    If you have a problem with your putting stroke, alignment or ball position, you must get this product – The SmartGolf Putter.

    The SmartGolf Putter is equipped with LED level indicators to help improve your setup.
    You can also aim better with a built-in laser pointer.

    The SmartGolf App provides useful information like impact speed, face angle, path angle and more.

    You can also review past records and analysis, and practice with simple mini-games from anywhere!

    The SmartGolf Putter detects your motion and collects data via 9-axis accelerometer, gyroscope and compass, enabling accurate monitoring.

    Straightening and balancing are further improved by adopting a mallet type design. It is also designed to be waterproof. Fund the SmartGolf Putter on Kickstarter now!







    The Smart Putter offers you an easy-to-use solution by leveling your stroke while helping you keep the proper alignment between the ball, putter, and pin.

    The Smart Putter is a face balanced mallet style putter.

    At 3 degrees of loft with the lie angle of 72 degrees, Smart Putter is specially designed to function perfectly as your gamer. 

    With built in LED level indicators and Laser Aim, it is the most effective way to build a winning muscle memory.






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