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  • "Tech + Art + Play" all at once! - Sems Games



    "Tech + Art + Play" all at once!


    Meet the "Play House" where you can create your own unique artistic toys using 3D printing! 


    This week, B2G Tech News puts a spotlight on SEMS GAMES. SEMS GAMES - 셈스게임즈 (B2G '17) is transforming the way in which toys are provided through the Play House.

    *Bringing joy through art.

    Playhouse, a new play tool in the age of industry 4.0.

    Playhouse is a 3D character design app that helps to create your own toy without professional 3D application.

    Simply design your characters through the app with various options or create your own.

    Produce your characters with 3D printing.

    Decorate your own space.

    Playhouse also collaborates with companies and art-toy designers making it easy for you to have limited edition art toy to Fulfill your imagination.

    Download the Playhouse app now from Google Play Store and App Store.








    Convergence Toy Platform, PLAYHOUSE 

    Founded in October of 2012 and based in Korea, SEMS GAMES is one of the fastest growing startups specialized in mobile games and 3d printing toys. SEMS GAMES provides a platform for users to play with digital toys on their mobile devices and bring them into reality.


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