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  • Have You Ever Wished for a Cute Robot?


    Have You Ever Wished for a Cute Robot? - IPL's "iJini"


    IPL's "IJini" social robot is created through a combination of robotics technology, IoT and speech recognition.

    IPL (B2G '16-'17) is confidently moving forward with its innovative social robots to make you feel at home

    with its provision of services ranging from turning on music to switching of light by simple commands.

    Take a look at the services you can enjoy through iJINI!


    Have you ever wished for a cute robot?

    Your wish now comes true with iJini.

    iJini protects your home with advanced sound detection and real-time camera.

    It also offers a variety of educational content that helps your child learn through interactive games.

    Through IoT, Machine learning technology, iJini helps families with their housework.

    Equipped with auto charging solution, video call messaging capabilities and many more.

    Cute and functional iJini will be available in the first half of 2018.





    Meet Ai Robot That Responds to Your Voice 

    IPL has developed the “iJINI” social robot, which is a kind of robot that combines robotics technology with the IoT and speech recognition. IPL predicts that social robots will come to provide new services in the AI era, serving as a kind of central hub in the home.


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