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About Center

K-ICT Born2Global Center appreciates everyone
for consistent attention and interest


Founded in September 2013, Born2Global is a major Korean government agency under the Ministry of Science and ICT(MSIT) contributing to the national startup ecosystem and beyond. Each year, Born2Global selects over 100 startups with high potential for entering the global market. Born2Global provides services such as professional consulting in law, patents, accounting, marketing, investment and business development. Additionally, Born2Global gives training services to startups by hosting conferences, seminars and meetings.

Over 50 startups are selected to reside in the business space "K-Global Startup Hub" and receive consulting services at the Startup Campus. The Startup Campus in Pangyo is the "Silicon Valley" of South Korea, emerging as the latest hot spot in the thriving startup ecosystem. The 582K square feet Startup Campus is the future home for tech startup stars to connect with the global market.

Chief Executive Director of Born2Global Centre

Jongkap Kim

Future Global Startup support center guides startups to enter the global market from the beginning

Startup Exploration

Startup Incubations
Investors (VCs)
Startup Academy
Startup Competition
NoTechnology Company

K-ICT Born2grobal director of the center misson

Global network

Overseas investors
Global mentor
Korea-U.S cooperation networks


Provide customized one-on-one consulting service to startups at different global cycles.



Non-stop One-on-one consulting services according to global market entering cycles from expert groups including inside lawyers, patent attorneys, accountants,
investment specialists and marketing experts. Also, Born2Global has over 100 partners all around the world.

Legal consulting
  • ① Establishing local overseas subsidiaries.
  • ② Reviewing overseas business contracts and providing legal advice.
  • ③ Legal risk management.
  • ④ Investment advice and M&A revies, etc.
Patent consulting.
  • ① Overseas patent application.
  • ② IP risk management.
  • ③ IP R&D strategy consulting.
Overseas marketing consulting
  • ① Market research and establishing marketing strategies.
  • ② Globalizing product & Marketing tools.
  • ③ Global marketing and crowd funding marketing.
  • ④ Business development.
Accounting consulting
  • ① Accounting(accounting audit and business diagnosis, etc.
  • ② Tax(review of international tax systems related to overseas investment, tax-saving strategy, etc.)
  • ③ Corporate valuation.
  • ④ Other (IPO advice, financial DD, etc.)
Investment attraction consulting.
  • ① IR document preparation and pitching training.
  • ② Review and advice on investment contract documents(T&C)
  • ③ Selecting investors and providing investment strategies, etc.
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